About Booster's Application Framework

What is it and what does it do?

The Application Framework, commonly referred to as the Zywave API Toolkit, is a collection of API-driven custom elements that help enforce consistency of:

  • data and how it is presented
  • navigation through the Zywave ecosystem
  • interaction with Zywave platform componentry, such as support, profiles, etc.

This collection of components will have a heavy dependency on our design system to assist engineers in creating applications that fit snuggly into the Zywave value proposition.

How does the Application Framework assist you?

  1. Greatly reduces time to build an application that feels like a part of the "one Zywave" philosophy.
  2. Continual enhancements mean getting new features without lifting a finger to allow you to focus on what matters to your features.
  3. End users get a consistent experience and increased visibility into what your application can offer them.

What requirements are there to use these components?

The APIs underlying these components are built to Zywave's standards, and support Zywave-authenticated users. With some exceptions, applications consuming these components must also comply with the same Zywave standards and authentication. All components can be provided a bearer token for authentication purposes, or can be used in conjunction with the Zywave API proxy. If not consuming the proxy, relevant scopes most be authorized. These scopes are illustrated on each component's Usage section where applicable.

For an overview of what APIs are currently exposed that these components could communicate with, check out the API documentation site.